Carte mariage

Fine paper announcement, original illustration of a freehand drawing.
Handmade lampshade, fine paper, unique piece.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. David Swanson

Announcements, invitations, the art of paper, a safe bet!

The wedding stationery, and in more particularly the announcement, will give an idea to the guests about the style or theme of the wedding.

I have selected passionate and exciting partners, focusing on Art craftsmanship, selected for the quality of their work of course, but also for their attention to details, among other things.


Sylvie founder of Insieme créations, designs and creates a custom stationery, which I call a work of art. Sylvie likes to use natural and high quality materials while respecting the allocated budget.

Through her creations, her incredible creativity and know-how, now let’s talk about ‘Haute couture’ Wedding Stationery .



What is the first gift we give to guests for the wedding?

Well, it’s the announcement, which is sent to the relatives to announce the good news in an official way.

The latter can be accompanied by the invitation card, which will specify the details of the reception (Date, place, RSVP…)

The wedding card is not limited only to announcements and invitations, it includes menus, seating plans, table place cards…

Sketch for wedding announcement

Table stationery

Once the invitations have been sent out, it’s time to look at the seating plan, the menus, the table place mark, and the thank you cards.

Watercolour menu and table place mark, handmade fine paper

Wedding Seating plan

Table plan from the stationery set.
Announcement, menu, table place cards etc

Wedding Menu - Stationery By Insième Créations

Handmade table place cards, hand-laid gold leaf

Table place card

The guests gifts

Origami creation paper box (no glue – only hand-made folding) hand-made and embroidered petals.

Wedding guest gifts

Beautiful personalized boxes that can contain delicate touches for guests.

The thanks you’s

To thank guests for their presence and invite them to relive the memories from the wedding day, here is an original idea with these thank you cards, full of finesse:

Origami thank you card and calligraphy

Wedding Stationery

Aesthetics and beauty for all events

In a nutshell, Sylvie is an authentic artist, who combines know-how, originality and creativity, placing her among the quality professionals that I like to propose to my clients.

Her creations add that touch of delicacy and elegance that punctuates every stage of the wedding, thus participating in the magic of the event, from the announcement to the thank you cards.

Here, just for fun, a sample of her other creations:

Photo credit : Insieme créations
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