Following the previous article where we created some inspiration related to a wedding in autumn or winter, this article presents an inspiration shoot putting into practice the ideas previously put forward.

The charm of an off-season wedding

Château Gassies - Vue de la cour centrale

Friendly and atypical, weddings in winter are attracting more and more couples. They can be magical and unforgettable.
A wedding celebrated in autumn or winter has several advantages in terms of organisation.
For example, reception venues, have a wider choice of dates to offer you as well as advantageous tariff offers.
Providers will have greater availability and will be able to organise their service in a shorter time.

The ideal place for a winter wedding

Cérémonie laïque avec couleur d'automne hiver
Château Gassies - Le préau

With its multiple spaces, Château Gassies in Latresne, in the Bordeaux region, is a magical place for your wedding in autumn and winter season.
It is possible to create a secular ceremony under a covered courtyard made of wood and stone.
This way you can enjoy the view of the French formal garden that surrounds the buildings.
You may arrange the decoration of your ceremony around braziers and provide plaids to warm up your guests.
You can also provide your guests with a hot drinks bar with drinks such as coffee or tea from around the world as well as hot chocolates for the children.
The architecture of the reception room at Château Gassies is defined by its high ceilings, exposed beams, and stone walls.
The heating parquet in the reception room will seduce you with its comfort throughout the evening.
Finally, the chandeliers in pampilles will add to the stylish ambiance.

Château Gassies
Couleurs de forets d'automne

The beauty of warm colours in autumn landscapes

Warm autumnal colours such as red, orange and yellow will inspire your wedding decoration.

The charm of seasonal flowers

To ensure that your wedding is in line with this time of year, you will favour a choice of seasonal flowers.
In this season, warm colours are welcome in the centrepiece, for the arch of the secular ceremony or for your bridal bouquet.
Dahlias, anemones, roses and tulips are on the bill.

Bouquet de centre de table - fleurs d'hiver
Composition florale avec couleurs d'automne
Croquis de cérémonie laïque
Cérémonie laïque extérieur mariage en hiver au château Gassies
Cérémonie laïque extérieur mariage en hiver

Secular Ceremony

For a visual harmony you can embellish your secular ceremony with plaids in autumn colours. These will warm your guests in case of a fresh wind and their soft materials will bring comfort and a cosy feeling.

The charm of autumn or winter light

The rays of autumn sunshine, passing through windows and other architectural elements will bring softness and charm to your photos.
With the help of your wedding planner and your photographer, you can plan the day’s events according to the natural light to create images with special colours and lights.
At the end of the afternoon, a set of lanterns, candleholders, garlands of lights and other lighting points will provide a soft atmosphere that you can enjoy from the cocktail party onwards.

Arts de la table Mariage en hivers au château Gassies
Croquis décoration mariage
Décoration florale mariage en hiver

The reception dinner

Croquis salle de reception Chateau Gassies
Salle du diner de réception - Mariage en hiver au château Gassies

A menu imagined and created by Aynel traiteur.

Above all, we focus on seasonal products. Their freshness is essential for tasty dishes.
In cocktail pieces, gourmet eggshells with salmon, butternut squash, ceps and Panacotta.
Savoury macaroons with smoked duck breast, goat’s cheese, chestnut and pumpkin.
The appetizer: duck foie gras from ‘Les Landes’ with cherry in trompe l’oeil.
For the dish, the chef proposes beef Wellington with duck foie gras and oyster mushrooms, accompanied by his barrel of mashed potatoes with truffles, unless you prefer capon stuffed with chestnuts, chorizo and his risotto of bird’s beak with cep mushrooms and butternut squash.
Let’s not forget the cheese lovers: ‘Fromage retravaillé’, Beaufort nougat with hazelnuts and pistachios.
Lastly, to win over your guests, you can choose from a dark chocolate dome, blackcurrant insert and crunchy lace pancakes.

Arts de la table mariage en hiver
Pièces de cocktail
foie gras de canard des Landes a la cerise en trompe l'oeil
bœuf Wellington au foie gras de canard et pleurotes,
Chapon farci aux marrons - chorizo et son risotto de bec d’oiseau au cèpes et butternut
Fromage retravaillé
Dome de chocolat noir- insert cassis et craquant de crepes dentelles

Our partners for this realization:

Venue: Château Gassies

Wedding planner: Sabeha Brunet

Scenography: Pastel Créatif

Photographer: Seb Photo Bordeaux

Catering: Aynel Traiteur

Floral art: Les petits bourgeons

Tableware: Maison Options